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Sweet Queen Margaret Warm Mustard

£3.50/Jar Sweet Queen Margaret mustard
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Rather warm, worth 2 gauntlets, but possibly more depending on taste.
This mustard represents a luxurious reconstitution of a mustard ball that wealthy people in the 16th century might have created.
It uses ingredients available in the 16th century, although many were very expensive with sugar being the most extravagant.
This mustard is sweet and full of local farmhouse cider, It will not frighten you with ridiculous amounts of horseradish but will cause you to develop an addiction for Tewkesbury mustard.
Queen Margaret was characterised as one of the ‘She-wolves’ of English monarchy, her final dénouement occurring at the battle of Tewkesbury in 1471 so, although our mustard label describes her as sweet, she was probably anything but sweet.
Dinning suggestions:
• An excellent Addition for the Ham Sandwich.
• Poach fish with milk and mustard.
• Superb with roast chicken.
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