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Gourmet Dried Oyster Mushrooms

Beautiful clusters of Oyster mushrooms are grown using sustainable methods indoors at our mushroom farm in Cambridge.
Our beautiful clusters of Oyster mushrooms are grown using sustainable methods on our mushroom farm in Cambridge and are always fresh and taste absolutely delicious. Don't be fooled by low quality mass produced mushrooms from places such as China we make sure there are no chemicals in our growing process!
We dehydrate our mushrooms slowly and carefully to maintain maximum nutrition within them. Simply rehydrate as needed or chuck straight into soups, stews, curry, stir fry and more! With an amazing flavour that works great in any dish, these mushrooms will certainly add a gourmet flair to your meal. 15 grams of dried mushrooms is roughly 150 grams of fresh mushrooms dehydrated.
Our dried mushrooms are packed kept in optimal conditions to extend their shelf life before being sent directly for you to enjoy. Truly a top contender in the gourmet dried mushroom world!
Produce of Cambridgeshire - UK

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