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Produce tips, recipes and much more ..... 

ROASTED TOMATO TART - full recipe details here 
Land cress - similar to watercress but less peppery I'd say - stuff sandwiches full of these highly tasty leaves - sprinkle on salad or cook just like spinach. 
Vacuum packed beet - or in our house lazy beet! I dont always want to wait an hour or so for my fresh beetroot to cook - impatient I know! You must try this grated and drizzled with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice - add chopped parsley too. It is so refreshing perfect bbq accompaniment - crumbled feta is so good with this - mouth watering I'd say - not so lazy now! 

I'm firing up the BBQ come rain or shine! 

In my opinion these veggies taste so much better when I cook them on the BBQ or griddle. The key here is to cut into large chunks and soak them in water for about half hour. With the sweetcorn I pull back the husks, soak, pat dry then rub with little (okay a lot) of butter and close the husks back up and cook until charred and delicious. The BBQ doesnt have to be a mass of meat although that works for us too! but enjoying your veg this way almost makes them taste sweeter - skewer courgettes, mushrooms, peppers, red onions for a tasty kebab. I cut chunks of halloumi cheese and add these too. Making rubs with oil and your favourite spices also peps things up a little - pray for the sun!! 
You just can't beat the beet....  
Love it or hate it Beetroot is a firm favourite in my house. A real traditional British veg..it brings back memories both good and bad as a kid! This will store in your fridge for up to 10 days. Eat raw in salads, try boiling & mashing with butter & black pepper. The beet is also divine roasted - just wrap it in foil and bake for about half hour or until tender. I could go on and on - its great in cake - yes I said cake - makes simply beautiful soup - can you tell I'm a fan???? Why is it on so many dislike lists I wonder...answers please.... 
This weeks herb is coriander - a beautifully fragranced herb - sprinkled in salad, stirred into curries - I do a great spicy parsnip soup and simply sprinkle this on top.. 

Chorizo broth! 

Fry off garlic, chilli flakes in little oil. Then add chopped chorizo. Stir in tin toms, tin chick peas, chopped pots, bay leaf & some stock - cook until pots tender. When cooked I tear off lots of coriander to compliment the spicy chorizo...yum 
Aaah rhubarb - I simply roast mine with little sugar and keep in fridge to serve with cream, ice cream, top with crumble but also delicious with oily fish too. 
How do you eat yours? post and share 
I'm probably going to shock you all but the only thing I'm doing with my bunch of parsley is to make it into liquor to pour over my pie and mash! My Nan is a Shoreditch girl and we were literally reared on pie and mash! Of course there are so many other ideas for you...store in small glass of water in your fridge. You can freeze between 2 sheets of foil. Add at the last minute to casseroles, spag bol, blitz in a blender with either pork, been or chicken fillets, your choice of spice and an onion - quick spectacular meatballs! 
If you would like to know more about Seasons Fruit & Veg deliveries in your area please call us on 01462 819975 or alternatively click here to complete our short contact form >> 
Seasons Fruit & Veg - Delivering fresh produce to your door 

Cool for cats......... 

The sun is shining and there's nothing more I love than a long cool drink a good book and relax in the garden. I love to "pep" up the ice cubes by freezing slices of lemon, lime mint leaves and berries... 
Curly Kale - top tip wash & dry thoroughly before stir frying. Use peanut or sesame oil to stir fry to pack real flavour. 
Celeriac - okay so it's an ugly fella but boy does it taste good. Simply grate raw into your salads. 
Go Bananas on the barbie - slice down the middle stuff with chocolate and drizzle with malibu - wrap in foil & bbq. 

Corrrr crumbles gone all exotic...... 

Such a simple twist on classic crumble. Chop fresh mango & chunks of banana. Make the crumble topping with 4oz self raising flour, 2oz porridge oats, rub in 4oz butter with your fingertips then stir through 3oz demerera sugar & 1oz desicated coconut. Sprinkle over the fruit and bake for about 20 minutes until golden. Truly a delicious recipe - I serve with toffee sauce (made with double cream, butter & sugar melted together) 
Aubergine, mozzarella & tomato bake - griddle slices of aubergine. Make tomato sauce using tin toms, oregano, red wine vinegar & seasoning. Layer the aubergines, tomato sauce and slices of mozzarella finishing with tomato sauce. Top with breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese - bake for about 45 mins. Serve with green salad and glass of wine - perfect! 

Nectarine & pistachio tart....hubby's MOST favourite pud

Mix up mascarpone with ground almonds and little lemon zest. Dollop into the middle of a sheet of puff pastry then top with sliced nectarines or peaches. Grate over a little more lime juice & scatter over some chopped pistachios, fold up the sides to create parcel. Now brush the sides with beaten egg and press in more crushed pistachios. Bake until golden & bubbling - wowzers! 

What a revelation! 

We'd never eaten cooked radish but i'm so glad we did! Heat butter over a medium to high heat being careful not to burn. As it turns brown throw in handful of radish, these are the French Breakfast from our Grower in Maulden in the picture. Cook until the radish are tender then whack up the heat and spritz in the juice of half a lemon - it will spit and spurt for a moment but that's all you need for a minute then serve. Good Lord I cant believe we didnt try this before! 


The ultimate comfort food...cheese...pasta.. homemade tomato sauce. It's rare the whole family marks a dish 10/10 but you MUST cook this soon & let us know what you think. Click here for recipe details!  
SAY YES TO CELERIAC - this poor veg gets some real stick because it is so ugly :( but dont be deterred! simply peel cube & cover with water & simmer until tender. Mix with cream, butter or mascarpone into a puree and enjoy this with all manner of meats. Eat raw in salads for an almost nutty addition to your dish. Cut into matchsticks then mix with mayonnaise & dijon mustard - superb! I could go on - GO ON GIVE IT A TRY! 
Our regular "Try-me's" are all part of the service. Ever seen something and thought I really should try that? Well we give you the opportunity to try new and exciting produce at no cost to you. Let us have your feedback! 
This month the Dragon fruit - a spectacularly good looking fruit dont you think - cut in half scoop out or cube and add to your favourite fruit salad to get all exotic! 


Left over potatoes? Fed up of just mash, roast & chips? Click here to download some potato ideas for your recipe box. You'll never be bored with potatoes again! 


Salads can very easily become predictable and boring throughout the summer - well not around here! Add grated beetroot, carrot, celeriac for a change or try one of these AWESOME salad dressings to liven the salad party up! Click here for full details! 
Watch our daughter Ellie to see how quick & simple this tasty recipe really is ...... 

Ellie making Banana ice cream 

Carrots not just for your eye sight! 

It's delicious and so good for you but I'm just going to throw in a little cake recipe here - because I can! 
60z plain flour 
2 teaspoons baking powder 
1 teaspoon cinnamon 
pinch salt 
2 tablespoons raisins 
4 oz grated carrots 
grated zest of half an orange 
2 tablespoons orange juice 
4oz butter 
5oz brown sugar 
2 large eggs 
Method: Sift the flour, baking powder, spices & salt into a large bowl & set aside. Mix the raisins, carrots, orange zest and juice and set aside. Cream the butter & sugar thoroughly in a mixer & beat until light. Ad the eggs, one at a time, with the blender on slow. Mix the batter with the flour and carrot mix & blend well. Pour into lined tin bake for about an hour 180 degrees gas mark 4 

Use this batter to make cookies, by simply dropping heaped spoonfuls of the mix onto baking tray & cook for about 12 mins. 

We will be updating this page regularly with new recipes and we also invite you to send us your recipes by uploading them using the form below: 
Love a soup in the Summer? Click here for the sweetcorn, potato, pea & lemongrass soup - souper ! 
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